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The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to improve function which will allow an individual to participate in his/her community of choice. ReMed of Louisiana provides a continuum of intensive residential settings that focus on neurobehavioral and medical management, neurorehabilitation and community re-entry readiness through comprehensive assessment and treatment. The program is staffed and structured for individuals who demonstrate problematic behaviors of a moderate frequency and moderate to high intensity.  Treatment focuses on the utilization of compensatory strategies to manage behavior, increase the individual’s awareness, communication and coping skills, and develop a stable activity plan. Services are provided seven days a week, 24-hours a day.  Medical issues, functional abilities and behavioral status are assessed and individualized treatment plans are developed. Success in these areas enables clients to move on to more independent settings.

*Data gathered from 2019 Quality Management Semi-Annual System

Functional Ratings

Ratings measure the percentage of individuals who achieved their functional, behavioral, vocational and supervision goals. The data is initial baseline data.

Stable Activity Plan

100% of individuals participate in vocational and/or cognitive activities an average of  23 hours per week

 volunteering and attending day program

89% of individuals participate in leisure activities an average of 48 hours per week  social, physical, creative expression, spectator appreciation and community involvement activities

100% of Families
85% of Clients
Satisfied with Services
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